SATI - Servicio de Asesoramiento Técnico e Información




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SATI - Technical Assessment and Information Service

SATI is a technical assessment and information service on the implantation of radio communication infrastructures, specifically mobile telephony base stations (antennas).

Along with the adoption of the Code of Good Practices, this service was provided for in the Agreement signed between the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and the Spanish Association of Telecommunications Operators (REDTEL) on 30 November 2007.

As a complement to the Code of Good Practices, and upon the request of numerous affiliated Municipalities, the FEMP approved a Model of Municipal Ordinances regulating the installation and operation of radio-electrical infrastructures on 29 April 2008 that combines the experience accumulated over the last few years with the most recent jurisprudence. Likewise, we have a Manual for applying this Model of Ordinances.

All these efforts seek to provide a response to the general demand of Local Governments for available tools that can facilitate rapid management of the expectations of their citizens requesting quality mobile telephone services and those citizens worried about health issues, apart from facilitating the processing involved in the concession of licences for the installation and operation of the necessary infrastructures with all the technical, legal, environmental and health guarantees.

In this sense, the SATI was created with the vocation of serving as a consultation and assistance service that all Local Governments can resort to. For this reason, we are promoting the adhesion of Municipalities to the Code of Good Practices.