Sección de Municipios con Plantas de Ciclo Combinado


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Section of Municipalities with Combined Cycle Power Plants

Departing from the initiative of several municipalities with combined cycle power plants in their municipal terminus, the Section of Municipalities with Combined Cycle Power Plants was formed at the end of 2006 within the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.

This was created for all those Municipalities where Combined Cycle Power Plants are being, or have been, developed or built, understanding the meaning of “develop” to apply to those situations in which this has been requested in their municipal terminus or they have been consulted or informed by the Ministry of the Environment or by the Council of the Autonomous Community during the period of consultation prior to the drafting of the Environmental Impact Study by the developers. It may be necessary to know the most relevant characteristics of this type of installations in more depth and further detail, and at the same time to analyse the possible effects of economic/tax, town planning, environmental, and socio-cultural nature, among other aspects, that arise from the implantation of these installations in the municipal terminus proper.

With this aim, the Section of Municipalities with Combined Cycle Plants has been working on the promotion and defence of the interests of those associated Municipalities, and on the coordination of solutions to the problems common to them, providing help, assessment and services to affiliates, processing the work involved, and conducting seminars which have made it possible to create a reference framework for the exchange of information and cooperation for these municipalities.

If you are interested in obtaining more information with regard to this Section, you may request it by writing to the following contact e-mail: