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The FEMP held the first meeting of its Governing Board

The Board of Governors of the FEMP has held the first regular meeting after the Tenth Assembly of the Federation last September, which were unanimously approved the appointments of the various governing bodies and institutions, including the presidents and vice presidents Working Commissions and representatives of the FEMP in the National Commission for Local ...

MP Statement on International Day Against Gender Violence

The FEMP encourages all Local Authorities in Municipalities, County Councils, Town Councils and Island Councils to reinforce the actions already being carried out against gender violence. To mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women, has issued a statement calling for continued advocacy and prevention and victim support and promote local life and non- ...

Regulation comes into force on the Valuation of Land Act

Today Thursday, November 10, entered into force on the Regulation of Securities of the Land Law. A text that develops this standard and aims to improve the functioning of the soil, making it more transparent and efficient fighting potential speculation in the use thereof. The Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated November 9, 2011.

Approved the National Plan to improve air quality

The Government has approved the Council of Ministers the National Plan to Improve Air Quality, which involves all levels of government and that includes 90 steps to "promote healthier cities." The text contains some of the contributions made by the FEMP.

CEMR prepares its next General Assembly in Cadiz

Secretaries General and Directors of the National Sections which, like the FEMP, form the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), prepared in Cadiz XXV General Assembly that the organization held in the Andalusian city in September 2012. Cadiz will host this Assembly in the framework of the commemoration of the bicentennial of the first Spanish Constitution. ...

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